Groundbreaking thermal protection coating produced from a NASA spin-off technology 


Commercial Application

Our customers typically report energy savings in sustainable manufacturing applications between 10%-25%.  Our thermal insulation coatings are powerful insulators and also prevent corrosion along with resistance to UV, moisture, harsh chemicals and mold and fungi growth.  A significant economic benefit is realised from the consistent performance since there is resistance to degradation that occurs with outmoded methods.

Residential Application

Roofs, Walls and Building Envelopes:  Customers report energy savings between 20%-40% after applying our patented thermal insulation paint coatings to their buildings. Our patented and innovative nanotechnology based products provide an effective and affordable means to increase energy efficiency in existing buildings as well as new construction. Our coatings offer you a way to increase thermal resistance  which is applied like a paint.

Recreational Application

Recreational vehicles, Caravans, RV’s and Fifth wheelers suffer from exactly the same heat buildup and dissipation problems that Commercial and Residential buildings do.  This results in large cooling and heating costs.  Substantial cost savings can be achieved by using our proprietary coating which has the added advantage of providing a waterproof coating to the vehicle.



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