Groundbreaking thermal protection coating produced from a NASA spin-off technology 


Commercial Application

Our customers typically report energy savings in sustainable manufacturing applications between 10%-25%.  Our thermal insulation coatings are powerful insulators and also prevent corrosion along with resistance to UV, moisture, harsh chemicals and mold and fungi growth.  A significant economic benefit is realised from the consistent performance since there is resistance to degradation that occurs with outmoded methods.

Residential Application

Roofs, Walls and Building Envelopes:  Customers report energy savings between 20%-40% after applying our patented thermal insulation paint coatings to their buildings. Our patented and innovative nanotechnology based products provide an effective and affordable means to increase energy efficiency in existing buildings as well as new construction. Our coatings offer you a way to increase thermal resistance  which is applied like a paint.

Recreational Application

Recreational vehicles, Caravans, RV’s and Fifth wheelers suffer from exactly the same heat buildup and dissipation problems that Commercial and Residential buildings do.  This results in large cooling and heating costs.  Substantial cost savings can be achieved by using our proprietary coating which has the added advantage of providing a waterproof coating to the vehicle.


With Power Save Coatings ceramic insulating paint products, Painting is now an Affordable, Energy Saving, Insulation Solution That Will SAVE you Money and Improve Your Comfort

Power Save Coatings, is the ONLY company that offers you:

Experience – We have been involved in the paints and coatings industry for 30 years.
Technology – The original NASA Spinoff product…and the only one developed by a former Space Program employee. Not another “me too” provider of fly ash ( Used in the manufacture of Concrete )  or recycled glass.
Solutions – We have formulated and developed a full line of coatings for many different applications from residential, to commercial, to industrial….and even “project specific” coatings. We are not a work from home operation or website entity that merely changes labels on someone else’s product and sells it for all types of applications.
Innovation – Because we manufacture our products… we are constantly in touch with the latest advances in the industry. This allows us the opportunity to bring to market the most advanced technology available in both the ceramics and coatings sciences.

Power Save Coatings Insulating ThermaCels® and Coatings……truly the “Real Deal!”

Power Save Coatings insulating paint products, are based upon our exclusive blend of insulating ceramic microspheres or “vacuum beads”, that are designed specifically  to form a tight interlocking matrix, which reduces conductive heat through the painted surface. The ceramic barrier reflects up to 90% of the heat back to the source.

We also offer the industries largest selection of ceramic filled coatings, for use on Roofs, Ceilings, Walls, Transportation, Marine, Aviation, Agricultural, and a wide range of Industrial applications.

Both “Thermal Solution” products are designed to keep heat out in summer and reflect the heat back in during the winter months, drastically reducing the costs required for heating or cooling a home, metal building, recreational vehicle, agricultural or commercial structure!

If you are tired of high heating and cooling bills, being uncomfortable, then contact us today, and we will be able to offer you a solution to your problem.
At Power Save Coatings, we will be able to improve upon your homes thermal and acoustical environment, while saving you energy dollars each and every month.


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