Groundbreaking thermal protection coating produced from a NASA spin-off technology 


At Power Save Coatings , the production and application of our thermal insulating coatings is all we do.  Because your satisfaction with our product determines our success as a business, we are completely dedicated to consistently providing a quality product and exceptional service.

Our insulation coatings lead the industry in terms of up to the minute advancements in the insulating ceramics industry.  Based on our many years of experience, all our products are not only designed to be extremely efficient and long lasting, and we feel that they are technologically superior to other insulating coatings and additives.  Whether it is our emphasis on roof coatings, wall coatings, additives or composites, you will find we have a keener eye for performance and application detail than anyone else out there.

Our ceramic layer provides improved fire resistance, protection from harmful UV, repulsion of insects such as termites, and well as protection from the weather.

Interior and Exterior coatings, Walls and Roofs, Heating and Cooling duct work, Metal buildings and Sheds, Horse trailers, Transportation vehicles, Mobile home and Bus roofs – Our products will improve the thermal insulation




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