Groundbreaking thermal protection coating produced from a NASA spin-off technology 


Is your home too hot ? Energy bills too high ? 

With Australian household energy costs continuously on the rise, it has become increasingly important to keep our home and office cool and comfortable without the outrageous bills.


Already installed solar and not seeing the expected returns ?

Already installed or upgrade your insulation ?

Already adjusted your air-conditioning to where it is just barely comfortable ?

Energy bills still too high ?


Power Save Coatings is here to help!

Our coating has the ability to reflect up to 95% of heat back to the source. The reflective properties reduces the heat load on your existing insulation, allowing to perform more efficiently and diminishes wear and tear on your home’s cooling equipment.

Wanting to reduce your energy bills and create a more comfortable home?


Our coating has you covered! 

Insulation coatings is not just a small part of what we do – it is all we do.

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